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Have you done your Christmas shopping? One of the many things our team can help with is shopping. If you feel it would make all the difference to have someone to shop with then we’ve got people who would love to help. If the thought of getting to the shops is too much they will be just as happy if you send them with a shopping list. We’ve got some fabulous cooks on the team if you would like to invite friends or family round but feel you need a bit of help. Or perhaps you would like help to make some of your favourite Christmas treats? If so we’d love to cook with you. Do give us a ring if you think we could make things a bit easier for you in the run up to the festive season.

Home care services providing home help in Brighton

Home & Company is a home care services company owned and managed by Julie Gibson and Loretta Harrison who have worked together previously to promote best-practice in health and social care. “We believe there is a better and different way to provide help at home”

We have both had recent experience of helping older relatives and our own friends to try and find appropriate home care support. Following this experience we decided to take it upon ourselves to set up Home & Company and to offer help at home for people in Brighton that require this service.

How is our home care service different? We want the people we help to feel they are living life to the full. To accomplish this we have brought together a complete range of quality home care services that can be accessed easily, and is delivered by people that are not only experienced in home help but they are also people our customers can trust. The quality of the people is paramount so we have handpicked a great local team who we know personally.

At Home & Company we work hard to match you with the ideal member of our team and are confident that we are providing the best quality home care services in Brighton and across Mid Sussex.

"You and your brilliant, lovely staff can't do enough for your clients, the change in my partner since you arrived has been amazing" LS, Hove

We can provide company for you and regular or one-off help care services with:

shopping meal preparation
cleaning and laundry administration
appointments/activities pets
hobbies computers/tv/telephones
hairdressing beauty treatments
gardening osteopathy
foot care benefits advice home security
building and repairs
decorating window cleaning

As part of our quest to find brilliant people to help you in your home, we are happy to undertake recruitment assignments where you are looking to directly employ a housekeeper, carer or companion.

We can also help with identifying appropriate home care settings where people are looking to move on.

For more information about how our home care can help you, please call us on 01273 434190.